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5 Canyons That Are Beyond Grand

Usually, when we hear someone talking about canyons, we automatically assume they are talking about the real American jewel – the Grand Canyon. Well, that is totally okay, but we need to remember that the world doesn’t have just one fantastic canyon, and the fact that there are some other places in the world equally or even more beautiful is worth remembering as well.

In this case, let’s talk about other five canyons those are beyond grand with their beauty. In some instances, they are even bigger or more spread than their famous American brother, and this is why it is so worth spending a day there exploring them.

1. Nine Mile Canyon, Utah

Not that far away from the Grand Canyon, you can stop by at the first canyon of today – the Nine Mile Canyon located in Utah’s state. But don’t get fooled by its name – the canyon is actually more than 40 miles long, and is surely worth checking out. Well, it might not be the world biggest or longest canyon, especially in the United States, but there is one reason behind all others why you have to stop by here. Nine Mile Canyon is usually called as the world’s largest art gallery as well, all because of its widespread collection of rock art by the Fremont and Ute people. Here you can also find ruins which belonged to these two cultures, so the canyon is like an enormous museum without a roof.

2. Rugova Canyon, Kosovo


One of Europe’s longest and deepest canyons, the Rugovo Canyon (which is also known as simply the Rugova Gorge) is found in Kosovo and it is worth visiting it as well. Located just nearby the border between Kosovo and Montenegro, this canyon can amaze with its naturally formed beauty, waterfalls, high hills and incredible nature altogether. Here you can also found the Pec Bistrica River, which cuts through the canyon, dividing it as well. So the view here is definitely worth your time, and the routes here are surely worth your feet!

3. Fish River Canyon, Namibia

The beautiful African country of Namibia also has one canyon that is spectacular. Not only is this nature’s masterpiece the biggest in the country, but it is also the largest and widest canyon in the whole continent as well. Approximately 100 miles long, this canyon is just perfect for all hikers of a different experience because it has numerous different routes every traveler can take. However, be prepared to spend here a few days, because you will need a few days here to explore it all.

4. Colca Canyon, Peru

Not only is Colca Canyon one of Peru‘s most visited destinations, but it is also believed that this canyon is the one of deepest in the entire world, too! With a depth of 10,725 feet, which is more than twice as deep as the Grand Canyon, it is only the second deepest abyss in Peru, ranking behind the Cotahuasi Canyon you can visit as well. However, Colca is visited not only because of its beauty but also because of the Inca culture remains. So here you can get in touch both with nature and unique Peruvian history and culture all at the same time.

5. Indus River Gorge, Pakistan

The Indus River is not only one of the biggest in the world but one of the most sacred rivers as well. The river passes through the Himalayas, rising in Tibet and flowing through India and Pakistan, before disappearing into the Arabian Sea, so it is also long and majestic. However, the thing that surrounds it in the Northern parts of Pakistan – the so-called the Nanga Parbat region is also equally amazing. Here the river winds and flows through enormous gorges, some of them 17,000 feet deep, creating one of the most beautiful canyons in the world, which is also considered as one of the deepest in the world. So if you ever get a chance to visit it – do it and witness the real masterpiece of nature with your own eyes.

Before you leave for your trip, surely don’t forget to book hotel rooms as well. You are definitely going to need a few days to explore these magnificent and grand beauties. Therefore, a good hotel’s bed might sound very appealing after a long day on your feet!

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