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Travel Tip Tuesday: A Simple Way To Plug In All Your Electronics

One of my pet peeves about hotels is their lack of outlets near my bed with which I can plug in my electronics.  If there is an outlet, there’s usually already an alarm clock, lamp, and/or phone plugged into it which leaves me barely an outlet for my cell and laptop.  Additionally, the darn iPhone chargers aren’t very long so once I do plug my cell in, I can’t even use the cell phone while in bed.

The issue of plugging in my electronics is even worse when I’m traveling for an extended time because then I’ll also want to charge my camera batteries and maybe my portable travel battery, too.

It took me a while, but I finally figured out a simple solution to all this: pick up a small extension cord!

(You can purchase this one from Amazon!)

(You can purchase this one from Amazon!)

Duh, I don’t even know why it took me so long to figure that out. A small 6 feet long extension cord is cheap, barely takes up any room in my luggage, and solves the problem of not having enough outlets easily accessible!  If you run into the same issue I have, pick up an extension cord – it’s so simple and has made charging my electronics a breeze!

Help me keep this series going!  If you have any travel tips, please email me at diana@justwanderlustblog.com and your tip may end up in a future post!

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