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Travel Tip Tuesday: An Easy Way To Get Tips From Locals

If you haven’t already, download a copy of the Foursquare application on your mobile.  Most people use it to “check in” to stores, restaurants, bars – basically any venue – so that their friends know where they are but I’ve found it handy to “check in” to places when I’m traveling and read up on all the tips that others leave about the place I’m at.  For instance, I used it in Dubai to figure out that the mint lemonade was the thing to order at XVA Cafe.

Example of tips left for XVA Cafe:

xva cafe

I checked in to the cafe I was at in Colonia, Uruguay, to find out the free wifi code (people post all types of tips!).  If you check in at airports, you can also get tips on the shortest security lines or the best restaurants to try.  The best part is that the tips are usually from locals since they are the ones who “check in” to the venues the most, and occasionally, you’ll get double lucky and find yourself at a place running a “Foursquare” special which could offer you a discount at the venue or something free with your purchase.

Check out some of these specials running in Manhattan:


Help me keep this series going!  If you have any travel tips, please email me at diana@justwanderlustblog.com and your tip may end up in a future post!

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