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Breckenridge: A Weekend Dog Sledding And Snowmobiling Adventure

I’m not much of a snow bunny (you’re more likely find me at the hotel spa or sipping hot cocoa by the fire than on the slopes) and though Mr. T would rather be snowboarding during the winter weekends, he’s been off the slopes since a knee injury got the better of him a few years back.  That didn’t stop us from going to Breckenridge, Colorado, earlier this month, though!

I know, I know. Breckenridge, right?  Truth be told, we hadn’t even heard of Breckenridge until work sent Mr. T to Denver, but by being only 80 miles away from Denver, I knew it’d be a perfect weekend winter escape for us — especially because I found out that there are dog sledding and snowmobile tours!  Hello!  I’ve had dog sledding on my bucket list for almost a decade now (you can imagine how few opportunities there are to do this when I barely hit the slopes as it is).  Additionally, Mr. T was jealous when he heard that K and I went snowmobiling atop an Icelandic glacier last year so I knew he’d be down for Breckenridge.

I was actually a bit nervous to try dog sledding at first, but it was pretty easy!  The worst part was when you’re going uphill and you have to help the dogs up the slope by pushing the sled.  Our tour guide likened it to “pushing a shopping cart” up a hill.  Knowing I didn’t come this far for a work out, I opted to mush only when we were headed downhill (this may be why I found it easy :)).  Anyway, it was pretty darn cool to be up in the mountains, surrounded by tall evergreens, and watch those dogs take us for a ride!  By the way, those doggies were so cute.

Mr. T’s favorite of the day was our snowmobile tour because we got to travel a lot faster than when we were on the dogsled.  We shared a snowmobile and powered through to Georgia Pass to view the continental divide.

Both activities were loads of fun and highly recommended if you’ve ever even considered it — it does get cold up there, though, so make sure to dress warmly!  At one point during the snowmobile adventure I thought my fingers were about to be frost-bitten so I had to double up on the gloves!

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