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Guest Post: 7 Things To Remember When You Are Booking Flight Tickets

By far, the most convenient way to travel long distances is by air. Benefits of air travel include faster travel times, comfortability, and a safer trip as well. However, when it comes to traveling by air, booking a flight can be one of the most complicated steps. This requires having to factor in things such as scheduling, time, and price. Not to mention, there are many different airlines to choose from that further complicate the process. Because of these reasons, travelers are usually forced to find either different air travel alternatives or traveling methods as a whole. That said, there are a few methods in the booking process that tend to be overlooked by most travelers. While nothing is ever guaranteed, remembering these tips will certainly go a long way in making the booking process smoother and easier to deal with. With this in mind, let’s go over seven things to remember when you are booking flight tickets.

#1: Book Ahead Of Time
Once plans are set, book tickets ahead of time to secure the best prices and options.  Booking last minute often means overpaying for tickets or having to take a less optimal flight routing because that is what your budget allows.

#2: Set Up Or Look For Price Alerts
One of the more beneficial things to remember when booking a flight is setting up price alerts. With most flight ticket booking platforms, there are options to alert you of any price raises, drops, or cancelations. Staying on top of these features can have benefits that can save you some money and some time. Changes with flights happen more often than they should so this method will reduce any troubles that come with that issue.

#3: Consider Cheaper Airlines
As mentioned before, there are many different airlines and air travel companies to choose from. They all have their rewards, perks, and benefits that are more appealing to certain people. Worth noting, this also includes cheaper prices. That said, if you are willing to give up some of the benefits that a certain airline might have in exchange for a cheaper price, it might be worth the deal. Some airlines even match some of the benefits of other airlines by choosing them over others.

#4: Research Online Specials
Researching is one of the overlooked tips that travelers ignore. More specifically, researching for online booking specials is one of those tips. The interesting thing about looking around online is that the internet is full of specials. If you look hard enough, the chances are high that you will find a cheaper price for the same travel plans you had before. Some online specials might even throw in bonuses such as hotel options and seat upgrades.

#5: Research More Than One Booking Website
Another overlooked research tip is researching more than one booking site. Usually, one of the problems that people make is looking for specials through one main online source. While that could work, the more varied your sources are, the higher the chances are that you may come away with a better special. As we can see, it’s all a matter of how much time you are willing to spend browsing on different sites. Worth repeating, the specials are there if you look hard enough for them.

#6: Look Into “Cancelled Flight Compensations
Remember, cancelations happen more often than they should. For this reason, staying ahead of the changes will allow you to benefit from them. An example of this can be seen with looking into money back rewards such as a “Cancelled Flight Compensation“. With compensation such as this, you might either get a full refund or a better deal on your next flight. However, simply ignoring benefits such as these will only result in lost time and money.

#7: Avoid Traveling on Popular Days
Having mentioned the importance of planning and booking ahead of time, it’s important to go over the exact time and days to do so. In reality, it’s better to know the days not to book or plan for. When it comes to air travel, those days are usually the weekends with Friday and Sunday being the most crowded days. By avoiding traveling on these days, it will speed up the process in which you can get on a flight and arrive at your destination.

Booking A Flight The Right Way
There is no “right way” to book a flight. However, as we can see, there are ways to make this process easier than people think it can be. By following these steps, you are ensuring that not only the booking process goes smoothly, but your flight does as well.

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Flyhoop - January 13, 2020 - 2:33 am

Amazing helpful post, Thanks for sharing.

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