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5 Reasons You Should Experience Summer in the Philippines

The Philippines has been constantly touted as a prime summer destination for many years. Thanks to its rich history, diverse culture, stunning views, and warm people, this country has so much to offer. You’ll experience something unique in every island and province that you’ll visit.

Now that summer is in full swing, no doubt you’ll be planning your vacation soon. If you’re still unsure of your destination this year, you might want to consider these five reasons why you should experience solo travel in the Philippines.

Quench Your Thirst for Adventure



Despite the ongoing urbanization throughout the country, the Philippine archipelago still boasts of stunning beaches and towering mountains that can soothe even the most adventurous soul. Though you’ve surely heard of many popular destinations throughout the years, don’t be afraid to go off the beaten track. The country also has a lot of hidden gems just waiting to be discovered. 

Sample the Local Food



Filipinos love eating so much, that it has become part of their culture. Every region has its own specialty. Different cities and provinces boast of their own recipes and cuisines. Aside from the treats that every place has to offer, the country also has a lot of street food and drinks that you can find in just about any corner of whatever town you’re in.

Immerse in History and Art

The Philippines has a diverse culture, due to a history of being colonized by other countries such as Spain, U.S., and Japan. There are various heritage sites and historic museums in almost every region with different stories to tell. If you’re into art, the country also boasts of museums and galleries which feature artwork from both contemporary and historical artists.

Attend Festivals

As a Catholic country with its own traditions, there are local festivals in the Philippines all year round. Summer festivals, however, are more colorful and livelier than their regular counterparts. Don’t be afraid to join residents in religious events, such as Flores de Mayo and town fiestas.

If you’re more into music, then don’t fret. Events such as the Wanderland Music Festival are also held during the summertime.

Meet New People 

 Visiting a new country, especially during solo travel, can leave you feeling a little lonely at times. Thankfully, Filipinos are generally friendly and welcoming to travelers, whether they’re fellow countrymen or foreign folk. With their boundless energy, unending stories, and infectious smiles, you’re sure to have a friend or two in every town that you’ll visit.

Enjoy a Filipino Summer

 Before you book a trip to the Philippines, just remember to be mindful of the season. Beware of the heat as it can get quite hot. Coordinate with the locals especially if you plan on going off the beaten track.

Summer in the Philippines is unlike any other. It has something to offer to anyone, regardless of what they’re looking for in a summer getaway. Whether it’s adventure, local cuisine, history, arts, and everything in between, you’re sure to find a Filipino destination to add to your summer bucket list.


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