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12 Unusual Destinations For Your Honeymoon

Your honeymoon—the ultimate vacation—is undoubtedly the first and most unforgettable getaway you’ll ever seize with your life partner, your “mon amour”, your “mi amore”! And given that this will be your first memorable travel together as a married couple, finding the perfect spot can be immensely nerve-racking!

If you’re like me who always tries to veer from the usual places and who craves for the unique and the exotic, then this unique honeymoon destination list is for you!

Flamingo Beach: A Beach in Aruba

Get up close and personal with the gorgeous pink flamingos at the Flamingo Beach. This one of a kind beach is located on the private island of the world-famous Renaissance Aruba Resort in the exotic island of Aruba.

This secluded tropical paradise serves the best cocktails on the island. You and your significant other can also enjoy the phenomenal spa services or wet playing water sports while enjoying the sights of the beautiful pink birds.

The Fjords: Breathtaking scenery in Norway

Grasp a breathtaking tour to experience the beautiful landscape scenery of the Norwegian Fjords. The active side of you would surely love the mountain hiking, fishing and cycling activities this marvelous place has to has to offer!

Not to mention, the incredibly magnificent waterfalls the Fjords has. This stunning place has tons of saltwater activities that you can choose from. And if you come during winter, skiing is a must!

Positano: A Village in Italy

Imagine feeling a nostalgic high with the view of the historic villas in the Positano Village.

Located on the coast of Amalfi in Campania, Italy, you can explore this picturesque village by taking the steep flights of stairs or by driving up the coast to spot the dreamy shorelines and even drop by the towns nearby.

In addition, you can lay back and taste the best Italian home cooking from family-owned restaurants, lounge in the tiny cafes or buy cute souvenirs from the humble stores lined up on the side streets of this magnificent village.

Tasmania: An Island in Australia

An isolated state off Australia’s south coast, Tasmania is an island at the edge of the world. Filled with colorful festivals, take part in its three-week blooming tulips festival and behold the tulips occupy the entire island. Tour its capital city— Hobart, a place nestled between a mountain and a river, taste the local Tasmanian food and drinks you surely don’t want to miss out on!

Additionally, you can drive to the summit of Mount Wellington to view the whole city. Bask in the glory of the world heritage wilderness this island is proud to have. Wander through the spectacular Wineglass Bay to watch the dolphins play and hopefully bump into some kangaroos too!

Dubrovnik: A City in Croatia

Croatia holds such striking beauty that it’s used as a movie setting numerous times. If you’re a Game of Thrones fanatic, you’ll recognize the King’s Landing, the capital of Westeros, unfold in front of your eyes as you explore the city of Dubrovnik.

Walk around the ancient city or ride a cable car to Mount Srd and you’ll catch a view of the entire city. Kayaking in the Adriatic Sea is also a must do when you’re in the city. Additionally, don’t forget to try out unique Dalmatian cuisines!

Tanzania: A country in Africa

Home to the national park Serengeti, encounter the abundant wildlife and exquisite terrains Tanzania has in store for you. The world’s second tallest freestanding mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro is also here. Embrace Africa’s highest peak as you immerse in its local culture and traditions. And while you’re here, don’t miss the chance to dance to the beat of the unique African style rumba music!

Ladakh: A State in India         

Mountaineering enthusiast would, without question, be enthralled with the snow-capped peaks of the vistas of the barren mountain in Ladakh. Moreover, the strategic remote location, with the Kunlun Mountains in the north and the Himalayas in the south, and the high altitude of this rugged terrain will definitely captivate you.

Camps and hikers’ huts are the popular accommodations for tourists. And with several family-run businesses, there are few reasonable prices to go to Ladakh. This budget-friendly place will absolutely quench your thirst for the mountains.

Kyoto: A City in Japan

Submerge deep into the Japanese culture by losing yourself in the city of Kyoto. Be filled with wonder as you a look at the Buddhist temples & Shinto shrines.

Relax at the Zen gardens or take a walk through the bamboo forest after a long day of shopping and devouring sumptuous Japanese food. Moreover, participate in the world-famous Japanese festivals or find the geisha roaming around the city.

Skip the hotels and stay at a Ryokan or traditional Japanese inns, instead. The best way to catch a glimpse of the city is during the cherry blossom season. Kyoto is a small city with a great transportation system that you won’t mind being lost at.

Mykonos: An Island in Greece

Add more thrill to your already exciting newlywed life by soaking in the sun at the famous nude beach, the Elia beach, situated at Mykonos; the famous cosmopolitan island in Greece. Aside from the nude beach, there’s a variety of other serene beaches to choose from.

Leave your cars behind and boat around to spy on this spectacular island. Nevertheless, the island tends to be crowded during summer due to the famous and fun water sports and pumped up nightlife. Visit the awe-inspiring windmills and relish local Aegean specialties!

El Nido: A Municipality in the Philippines

This tropical heaven with celebrated crystal clear blue waters is brimming with rock formations. This stunning municipality is in the province of Palawan in the Philippines. El Nido is a secluded piece of paradise that you wouldn’t mind lounging at if you and your significant other is up to just being together and being one with nature.

The Valais: A Canton in Switzerland

The enchanting valley of the Matterhorn and the Great St. Bernard Pass are only some of the reasons this canton in Switzerland is on this list.

The Valais also has the now modern art, used to be Roman ruins, the Fondation Pierre Gianadda. Conversely, another famous site, where the animals who helped the monks rescue travelers are, the Zermatt L’Hospice du Grand St. Bernard is standing in this mind-blowing place.

Bermuda: An Island in British Overseas Territory

The Bermuda Island, often confused with the Bermuda Triangle, is a fish hook looking place which is actually made up of a cluster of islands. This pristine island has a great sub-tropical nature where it’s never too hot or too cold; the weather is just always right!

Be attracted to the famed Moongate; a sight along a massive garden lined with vibrant flowers and be bedazzled with the mysterious bottom catamaran rides as you listen to the way Bermudians speak.

The hunt for the most unusual destination to travel together for your honeymoon doesn’t necessarily have to be as toilsome as you think, believe me! It’s actually just a matter of locking in a place that both of you will love, and you’ll be on the road to making your first golden travel memories side by side.

Have you been to any of these places? What other unusual honeymoon destinations you recommend?

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