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Sponsored Post: Sydney Dishes Every Traveler Must Try

The world is big, and every culture has something to bring to the table. In this case, Sydney produces a variety of dishes that is a guaranteed treat for travelers and locals alike. Whether you love grilled burgers or sweets, Sydney is sure to give you something worth the stay.

I went on holiday to Sydney recently, and was able to see the famed Opera House, and a real-life wallaby! Yeah, the opera house and the animals and the wildlife is great, but walking around and getting amazed at everything you see can be tiring. So, for the last week of our stay, we decided to try out some famous food joints around Sydney. Here are some of my recommendations:

The Mary’s Burger, Mary’s [6 Mary St., Newtown]

If I were ever given the opportunity to request a final meal, Mary’s Burger would be on the top of my list. The burger patty was juicy and disintegrated in my mouth, and partnered with the cheese; it just made me hungrier with each bite. If you’re not a meat fan, they also sell veg burgers. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to try that as I was already full from the first sandwich that I had. If you’re ever in the area, this is a burger place that locals and visitors must try.

Criskin Chicken, Tan Viet [2/100 John St., Cabramatta]

Tan Viet is best known for their crispy chicken, and for a good reason. They make great crispy chicken. Other stores put all the flavor in the chicken skin and leave the meat. But not Tan Viet’s Criskin Chicken. The skin was thin, crunchy and the inside was an explosion of flavor. I also enjoyed the side dish that came with my order: soup noodles. It goes well with warm chicken. Customers get to choose their side dish with these choices: tomato rice, soup noodles or dry noodles.

Beef pho, An [ 27 Greenfield Pde, Bankstown]

Ever wondered what a TV drama tasted like? The second you put An’s Beef Pho in your mouth, every flavor explodes, and it is just so good that I can’t even begin to tell you what to expect. The best part is that it comes with a variety of medicinal benefits including the cure for a hangover. So, keep that in mind for your next night out.

Japanese stones, Sepia [201 Sussex St., Sydney]

At first glance, these Japanese rocks look like regular smooth rocks. This item is on the restaurant’s secret menu and can only be ordered by request. If you’re a fan of chocolates, you are going to love these stones. The outside is made from molded charcoal chocolate, and it has various fillings inside. I loved the ganache filling that just tastes like happiness in my mouth. A must try dessert.

Ricotta Cake, Pasticceria Papa [145 Ramsay St., Haberfield and 75 Hall st., Bondi Beach]

Finally, the piece de resistance. The Ricotta Cake offered at Pasticceria Papa. Everyone we talked to recommended the place, and if locals are giving their push, who were we to say no? We tried the Ricotta Cake, and it was great. It wasn’t too sweet nor was it too dry. It was just perfect, and I can see why everyone loves it. The restaurant itself had a great atmosphere. It was clean, and the service crew was very accommodating. Will come back here if given a chance.

Believe it or not, this isn’t even half of the places to get great food around Sydney. These were just a few my friends, and I was able to try. We hope to come back to Sydney sometime in the future to try out the other food spots that everyone is crazy about.

Sydney is a bustling city, and getting around was quite the challenge. Luckily, we were able to get in touch with a car hire in Parramatta who was nice enough to loan us a car for our entire stay at a good price.

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