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Guest Post: Why A Motorcycle Adds Instant Adventure To Your Travel Plan

(You can tour all of Australia on a bike!)

When it comes to exploring the world, there are so many different ways to go about it. However, we say that there’s only one way to travel, and that’s on the back of a motorcycle with your Dunlop tires on the pavement. Sure, you could rent a car or take a bus, but riding a hog makes the journey so much more memorable and adventurous. Don’t believe us? Here are four reasons why:

Take the Road Less Traveled

If you love to explore, then you can’t really do that with a rental car. Sure, you can check out some side roads, but with a motorcycle, you can go off road and see more of the natural world around you. Simply put, there’s no limit to how far you can go, as long as you have a full tank of gas.

Go Where the Road Takes You

Another great thing about being on a bike is that you don’t have to follow a preset itinerary. Because you can hop on and off so easily, it’s almost necessary to stop and take in the sights as you come across them. With high-quality Yamaha parts on your ride, you can take on any challenge.

Enhance Your Experience

When you’re riding out in nature, you can take in all of the sights much better than in a car. You can smell the fresh foliage, feel the crisp air, and see more of the environment around you. Being able to use all of your senses as you drive means that you will remember the journey as much as the destination.

You Can Rough It

One of the best ways to make your trip more adventurous is to forgo modern amenities and live off the grid for a little while. Having a bike (and the proper motorcycle gear) makes it easy to find a secluded spot to camp for the night, where you’ll have the moon as your nightlight, and the stars as your blanket.

Overall, hitting the road with your Dunlop tires means that you have so many more options as to how your journey will go. You can take the quickest, longest, or most scenic route and still have a great time, no matter what.

Have you ever taken a motorcycle road trip before? Would you do it again?

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