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Your Guide To Solo Female Cruising

For a woman travelling on her own, ocean cruises might be the ideal option for a holiday. Solo travel can be daunting, and it’s important to ensure you’re going to be safe while you’re sightseeing. You also want to have an amazing time and see as much as you can and that’s why a cruise might be the best choice! To help you make your mind up, here are some of the benefits of going on a sea-faring adventure.


(Photo by Corey Balazowich)

You can make friends with no pressure

You might want to make new friends, or you might just want some time alone: either way, a cruise is perfect. You’re in an environment with a fixed group of people, so you can get chatting if you feel like it, or enjoy your solitude if not. It’s the perfect ideal mix of both options.

There are social events and activities

On a cruise, there’s loads of stuff to do. Whether you want to participate or just watch, you’ll never be bored! With swimming pools and often a gym on board, you can be active in a group or as an individual. Often on cruises, dinner is served at large tables. This is great for the solo traveller: it’s a social environment without any pressure to mingle.


(Photo by Corey Balazowich)

There’s plenty of entertainment

Cruises are renowned for their entertainment facilities, and single cruisers will find lots to do. With bars and clubs often on board, it’ll be nice to grab a drink and people-watch, or chat to other travellers. There might also be singles events for solo travellers to meet each other and get chatting.

It’s safe

Unlike other types of solo travelling, cruising is often safer for the solo female traveller. It’s a secure environment and there’s always someone nearby to help if needed, along with control over who gets on and off the boat.


(Photo by Corey Balazowich)

You get to see multiple destinations

Cruising offers an amazing opportunity to see a number of destinations without the hassle or arranging transport between each spot. This is ideal for the solo traveller, as you don’t even have to pack your bag to travel somewhere new!

Cruising alone is an excellent way to travel, with the best of both worlds: solitude and companionship, whichever way you choose!


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