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Travel Tip Tuesday: Worldwide Travel Plugs

Quick tip of the day: Always research the type of plug that’s in use in the country you’re planning on visiting before you go on the trip.  Then, pick up a travel adaptor so you’ll be able to connect your electronics once you’re abroad.  Personally, I haven’t had very good luck with converters (they always break on me) so I never use them, but with just a few travel adapters, I’ve never had issues charging my phone, camera batteries, and even my Macbook.

If you’re looking for an adapter, I prefer these types of adapters:

to these “all in one” types:

The latter looks deceivingly convenient, but I’ve found that they don’t attach to the plug well and end up being more trouble than they are worth.

Finally, below is a handy infograph to give you an idea of the types of plug types around the world:


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