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Guest Post: Budget Travel to Singapore

budget travel to singapore

Budget travel may not be the easiest choice in today’s world, and even more so in Singapore. Despite the thriving economy of the over 5 million people, life in Singapore can be costlier than you suspect. In fact, GDP estimates show that each Singaporean earns over $80,000 annually, which is enough money to drive up prices for essential goods and services. Still, if your dream is to visit Singapore but you’re not financially able to pay a lot, it’s possible to spend a wonderful vacation in this magical place on a budget! Read on to learn how to enjoy you stay in Singapore to the max without it costing you an arm and a leg:

  1. Use a Low-Cost Airline

The main objective is touching down in Singapore, right? There are various airlines that will offer to fly you to this Asian city-state and thanks to the competition the class will vary magnificently, as well as will the prices. As long as basic requirements of comfort and safety are met – and all airlines meet them – there is no cause for alarm. AirAsia, Lion Air, Tiger Airways, and Indigo Fly are some of the non-expensive and yet classy carriers you can use. You may also check for coupons that will help you save some money on the airfare. Discountrue.com has a wide offer of various discounts, so even if you don’t find the flight you’re interested in you will be able to make additional savings in such shops as Kohl’s or other popular stores.

  1. Save your Data

Singapore is a developed country so free Wi-Fi services are available in many places. If you want to go online during your trip, there is absolutely no need to incur unnecessary data charges. There are many people, and even more so tourists, who tend to worry about the safety of their online transactions especially in such a case, but it shouldn’t occupy your mind too much. The cyber security in Singapore stands on quite a high level, and your hosts understand and share your fears for sure too so you should have your back covered.

  1. Board Public Transport

Singapore is often billed the country with world’s best public transportation so getting around the city will be not only cheaper but also more adventurous and fun aboard a public vehicle. Obviously the city will be crowded and it might take a while longer to get to your destination, but the point is to get what you want at low cost. Also, making this choice will often have an advantage of making a new friend, who can be of immense help, directing you to the cheapest and best places.

  1. Eat Like Singaporeans

Whoever urged us to do what Romans do whenever we are in Rome was clever. The locals definitely know their city and all its highlights, so in this case, when you go to Singapore, eat like Singaporeans. In effect, you will enjoy great company and interesting new flavors as you save money! You don’t have to run down the arsenal in your account on a five star hotel where you are not even likely to learn anything. Street food is often not only cheap but also delicious and provides you with the new experiences you’ve come for here.

  1. Enjoy Free Fun

It might be difficult for some to imagine that Singapore would offer free fun activities, but it is certainly true! In its endeavor to attract more tourists, Singapore has a number of free recreational facilities, cultural sightseeing tours, romantic hideouts, free shuttle, spectacular fireworks displays and delicious food, among many other attractions. For instance, you can get a tree top walk at MacRitchie Reservoir Park absolutely for free! Of course, there also are facilities that will have to be paid for, but thanks to Singapore’s hospitality there exist those that don’t require you to carry your wallet with you.

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