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Video: Breakfasts Around The World

You know the saying, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”?  Well, that saying is all the more true when you’re traveling abroad.  If there’s one meal that differs across cultures, it’s breakfast, so I always make sure to squeeze in a local breakfast whenever I’m abroad.  Over time, I’ve grown to like the beans that come with English breakfasts and the cold cuts that accompany dinner rolls in Scandinavia. My favorite breakfasts of all, however, are the ones reminiscent of my childhood: porridge and soup with Asian vegetables.  Whenever Mr. T and I are at a hotel that has porridge as part of the breakfast buffet, it’s a sure bet that that’s what I’ll be stuffing myself with day in and day out!

Here’s a video I found that show just how unique breakfasts are around the world.  Some cultures include an assortment of foods while others are pretty simple. Some breakfasts are sweet while others are mostly salty. The quantity also differs across cultures.

How many of these have you tried abroad?  What are your favorites?

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