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Copenhagen, It’s Been Too Long

It’s been a while since I last posted so I don’t even know where to start!  Things have gotten progressively busier at work so I’ve had less time to write about our travels.  The bright side, however, is that we’ve still been traveling so once I get the time to sit down for an extended period of time, I have lots to share.

I’ll start with our most recent travels: Copenhagen. I didn’t think I’d have the guts to tackle a European getaway with Traveler #3.  In fact, I am pretty sure I was under a state of delusion when we booked the tickets, but they were dead cheap and Mr. T and I weren’t sure when we’d ever get to go to Europe for under $700 a piece again (this isn’t the first time my judgment is compromised the minute I find a stellar airfare deal).

We spent six days in Copenhagen with a side trip to my old stomping grounds in Sweden.  While the cities we visited were new to Mr. T, I’ve spent time in Copenhagen before – particularly when I studied abroad – but, my goodness, I barely remembered any of it.  It’s scary how shockingly little your mind retains after 10+ years!

On our visit, we had to juggle seeing the sites while dealing with a jetlagged baby who slept into the afternoon on several days.  That said, we still managed to see a good portion of the city.  We walked from Tivoli to Nyhavn to the Little Mermaid statue.  We did a canal tour (I didn’t even remember there were canals in Copenhagen!).  We went up the Christiansborg Palace tower for the view of the city.  We strolled the world’s longest pedestrian mall and the anarchist colony of Christiania the same day. And we somehow squeezed in two Michelin dining experiences back to back (booking those reservations and thinking we could survive two 15+ course meals with a baby was another moment of clouded judgment) with Traveler #3 and lived to tell about it.

For anyone who’s never thought about going to Copenhagen, you should!  It’s clean, the buses and metros efficient, people are well kept, the food is delicious, the city is beautiful, and the city is green (as in “environmentally conscious”).  There are just as many bicyclists as there are motorists; we got a kick out of seeing businessmen in suits biking to/from work.  Perhaps Mr. T’s favorite: You can also drink on the streets! There are also plenty of museums and palaces to check out, but since we didn’t leave the hotel until the afternoon, we didn’t make it to any of them during their opening hours.  Still, there’s enough in Copenhagen to justify more than a pitstop.

Here are some photos from our trip:

(Nyhavn or “New Harbor”, Copenhagen, is one of the most popular places to grab a beer and hang out.)

(Tivoli, an amusement park in the middle of the city.)

(Rosenborg Castle)

(We walked 20-30 min out of the main touristy areas of the city to find The Little Mermaid.)

(Some of the gorgeous canal views are actually in Christianshavn.)

(Frederiksberg Castle is outside of the city, but its huge park is a nice place to go for a jog or a picnic.)

(Christiansborg Palace is the only place I’ve ever visited that zips people up to the top of the tower for free for a view of the city.)


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Karisa @ Flirting with the Globe - July 11, 2015 - 8:06 am

I’d love to see Copenhagen! Gorgeous photos, by the way.

JustWanderlust - July 11, 2015 - 10:24 am

Thanks, Karisa! It was beautiful!

Mark - July 13, 2015 - 8:39 am

You’re back! You’re alive! 🙂
Great post!

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