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The Definitive Stereotype Map of Europe

Although I’ve traveled quite a bit in Europe, it’s still interesting to see how we stereotype the countries. Some of the best things about traveling, however, are learning first hand that each country is a lot more than its stereotype. The exception to this is Sweden, of course. They really are just a country full of tall blond people who like their saunas and live in a place with unfortunate amounts of darkness – I kid, I kid!  Actually, after spending a semester there, I’m convinced Sweden is a utopia – free education, money for babies, less than 1% homelessness, gender equality, some of the best parental leave allowances in the world… I could go on and on. Anyway, while I figure out how to retire in Sweden, check out “The Definitive Stereotype Map of Europe” for some laughs:

stereotype of europe map
Source: Buzzfeed

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