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Travel Tip Tuesday: How To Override The Hotel Thermostat Settings

Hello, there!  I’m doing something I’ve hesitated to do for a long time on this blog which is to attempt to post a reoccurring entry on a weekly basis… but I’ve decided to give it a shot with a new series I’m calling, “Travel Tip Tuesday”. Every Tuesday, I’ll post a quick travel tip that I’ve picked up over the years.  I know I have lots of them but sometimes they’re second nature and I forget to think of them as tips so bare with me we’ll see how long I can keep this series going! 🙂  I also find a lot of cool new tips here and there so this will be a good way for me to share them, too.

Below is the first Travel Tip in this series:

Ever check into your hotel room on a super hot/cold day only be annoyed that you can’t set the thermostat below or above a certain temperature? Or, maybe you’re at a hotel where the thermostat only works if it detects motion (you’re SOL if you’re like me and you like to “cool” the room while you’re out for the day)?  If that’s happened to you, you’ll want to watch these two videos which show you how to bypass the pre-set thermostat settings.

If you want to override the temperature settings (and the door/window sensors that disable the thermostat):


  1. Press Display and don’t let go yet!
  2. Press Off and release it (but keep pressing Display)
  3. Press the Up arrow (but keep pressing Display)
  4. Release Display and if you did the sequence correctly, you’ll see the VIP on the screen

The VIP mode should last for 72 hours.

If you want to override the motion detector:


  1. Press the Power and Down button at the same time and if you did it correctly, you’ll see BP on the screen

The bypass is good for 24 hours.

Help me keep this series going!  If you have any travel tips, please email me at diana@justwanderlustblog.com and your tip may end up in a future post!

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Escape Hunter - February 28, 2014 - 1:34 am

These things almost never work! I said “almost”, because a mere 10 % of the cases I did encounter functioning heating-cooling systems. Most of the time they’re either “broken” (probably purposely kept in that state so that the hotel’s bills don’t grow too much) or they have very low effect on the temperature.
A motion detectors… wow, that’s so sophisticated!

JustWanderlust - March 3, 2014 - 10:06 am

Escape Hunter – It depends on the hotels you’re at… these are the thermostats more likely to be in a chain hotels. Sorry to hear about all the broken ones you’ve encountered, though. I’ve never found a “broken” one that couldn’t be fixed!

Amanda - March 4, 2014 - 3:13 pm

Good one! Thanks!

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