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Happy Lunar New Year!

I have a confession to make.

Although I love traveling to learn about other cultures, I’ve done a poor job of learning about my culture.  It could be because I grew up with Chinese parents who tried their hardest to instill “traditional” Chinese beliefs and as a result, it turned me off to seeking more (I’m the type of person that has to do everything on her own time).  After a while, they probably just gave up on me and who can blame them, right?

Well, as an ode to my heritage and as a celebration to anyone who is Chinese or knows someone who is Chinese or who just likes a good excuse to celebrate (c’mon you know you do!), I want to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year today!  The best part of the New Year celebration is the food.  We have the best food.  EVER.

That said, Chinese New Year is about much more than just delicious food.  Check out this guide to learn more:


Source: Barrington Freight

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