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A Cool Map That Shows Your Visa Requirements By Nationality

Those of us holding U.S. or European passports are pretty dang lucky because we can roam more of the world visa-free than our counterparts living in other countries.  If you have a U.S. passport, you can go to 172 countries/territories without a visa. Do Americans have the most valuable passport then?  Almost. Our friends in the U.K., Sweden, and Finland one up us with visa-free access to 173 countries!

If you’ve ever wondered which countries you can go to visa-free, check out the cool interactive map at VisaMapper.com which lets you indicate your country of citizenship and color codes the countries for your visa requirements.

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[…] writer, Diana P. is a discerning, food-loving, and culturally curious road-warrior seeking the worlds beautiful and […]

[…] extra pages available, too.  This is especially true for countries with special visa requirements (click here for a fun map that shows visa requirements by nationality).  So, before you go abroad, double check your passport’s condition and expiration date to […]

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