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Where Can You See Goats In Trees?


There is only one place in the world where you can see goats standing in trees – Morocco – and the crazy thing is, I don’t believe the Moroccans think it’s such a big deal.  Nope.  It’s just a goat.  In a tree. Yep, an everyday thing.  No biggie.


It might be an everyday site for those who drive between Marrakech and Essaouira but for the rest of us, it’s the perfect side attraction.

When I found out that we could see goats in trees, I urged our guide to switch the tour up and take us on a detour to Essaouira, a seaside town that channels the Greek islands with its white and blue medina.  Being the hustler that he was, he made a deal with me to help him answer some client emails and in exchange he’d take us on the detour without any additional costs.  My English skills are better than his and I didn’t mind providing my email assistance so, “Why not?”  A few days later, we were on our way.

The best time to see the goats is in the morning.  They are along the highway between Marrakech and Essaouira and approximately 20min outside of Essaouira.  We drove down the highway around 9AM and half an hour later found the goats.

The farmers take the goats out in the morning so the goats can snack on the argan fruit which grows on the argan trees.  The whole area is a huge argan oil producing area.  You know the argan oil you pay for at beauty supply stores?  It likely comes from the argan trees in Morocco.  Over time, the goats have learned to climb on the trees in order to snack on the precious argan fruit, one of the first steps to the argan oil extraction process.

The farmers have also learned that tourists get a kick out of the goats in the trees and will gladly take photos with you or allow you to take photos of the goats in exchange for a small tip.  One farmer even had a baby goat he let me pose with and it was the most adorable little goat ever. For a split second, I considered buying the cutie pie — too bad I could never get that through customs.

We stayed about half an hour snapping pics and mesmerized at the goats’ impeccable balance.

(Can you spot Mr. T among the goats?)

(Can you spot Mr. T among the goats?)

During that time, we saw a few tourist buses drive by and slow down for photos but none let any of the tourists out of the bus.  Once I got my fill of the goats, we were on our way and I was a happy camper – that was easily one of the highlights of our Moroccan trip.

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Alex @ ifs ands & butts - December 29, 2013 - 3:44 am

I sadly missed the goats in trees in Morocco; we didn’t make it quite south enough. However, I was so shocked when I found out about how Aragon oil was made.

Jane Wendy Ballard - November 26, 2016 - 6:52 am

There are also Tree Goats found in Balochistan Province in Pakistan.

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