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Chilling In Oslo’s Ice Bar: Worth It?

(Ice Bar, Oslo)

(Ice Bar, Oslo)

I’ve always been curious about ice bars so when I stumbled on one in Oslo, I had to go!  Having never been to one, I thought they were like any other bar except that all the furniture and glassware were made of ice.  Errr… I was only half right.

(All the seats are made of ice!)

(All the seats are made of ice!)

Ice bars are more like attractions than that happenin’ bar down in the city.  There’s a hefty admission price and a time limit you’re allowed to be there.  In Oslo, we paid around $25-$30USD to enter for 45 min.  That ticket price also includes shoes, gloves, and a big cape to keep you warm. It’s -5 celsius in there.  If you want more than 2 drinks, you can pay for additional drinks at around $20USD a drink.  Did I mention that Oslo is expensive?

Check out those glasses!  You get two drinks but the thick ice glasses actually leave little room for the actual drink.

(Check out those glasses! You get two drinks but the thick ice glasses actually leave little room for the actual drink.)

Given the high price of admission, Kimmy and I decided to party it up in there – even though it was just us and four others!  We got our drinks and snapped non stop pictures of us in silly poses. I think the cold actually made us high!

Was the ice bar worth it?

Overall, we had a ton of fun in there, but that’s because we took advantage of the situation and decided to be as silly as possible.  If you’ve never been to an ice bar, the novelty is unique enough to check out at least once – as long as you go in knowing it’s more of an attraction than a “bar” and you’re allotted only a certain amount of time inside.

Last I checked, the Oslo Ice Bar was closed (discontinued in September, 2013).  It seems like these bars pop up in cities for a few years and then go out of business so if you’re really keen on experiencing one, make sure you visit when you can.  Here are some around the world that appear like they are still in business:

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands – Xtracold
  • Barcelona, Spain – Icebarcelona
  • Boston, USA – Frost Ice Bar
  • Budapest, Hungary – Icebar
  • Dubai, UAE – Chillout
  • Honningsvåg, Norway – Artico Ice Bar
  • Las Vegas, USA – Minus5 Ice Bar
  • London, UK – Icebar
  • Lyon, France – Ice Room
  • Montevideo, Uruguay – HieloBar
  • New York, USA – Minus 5 Ice Bar
  • Orlando, USA – Icebar
  • Paris, France – Ice Kube Bar

I wouldn’t go to one of these cities just to see the Ice Bar, but if you happen to be in town and have some time to spare, why not?

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