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30 Scary Sounding Cities In The U.S.

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In the ghastly spirit of Halloween on Thursday, I thought it’d be fun to pull together a list of scary sounding cities across the U.S.  Looking at this list, it begs the question what people were thinking when they came up with the name for their town. Seriously, how do you convince your fellow town members to name your settlement, “Slaughterville” or “Satans Kingdom”? On the bright side, next time someone tells you to, “Go to hell!” don’t be offended; maybe they’re referring to Hell, Michigan… and once you’ve done your time in Hell, it’s only a five hour drive to Paradise, Michigan!

Here’s the list of 30 scary sounding cities across the U.S. in no particular order:

1. Tombstone, AZ

2. Hell, MI

3. Devils Den, CA

4. Slaughterville, OK

5. Scary, VW

6. Frankenstein, MI

7. Globlintown, VA

8. Screamersville, VA

9. Witch Lake, MI

10. Spook City, CO

11. Transylvania, LA

12. Bloody Springs, MI

13. Fresh Kills, NY

14. Red Devil, AS

15. Satans Kingdom, MA

16. Hells Corners, OH

17. Skull Valley, AZ

18. Dead Mans Crossing, IN

19. Dead Women Crossing, OK

20. Bad Axe, MI

21. Accident, Maryland

22. Half Hell, NC

23. Bitter Springs, AZ

24. Gnaw Bone, IN

25. Hell for Certain, NC

26. Killen, AL

27. Savage, MN

28. Scarville, IA

29. Death Valley, NV

30. Slaughter Beach, DE

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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