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Add Iceland To Your Bucket List

After my trip to Iceland a year and a half a ago, I was so elated I started this blog to share my love of Iceland.  In case you’re wondering, I haven’t stopped recommending the tiny often forgotten land of fire and ice…. which was why I was so excited when my friend, V-Money (nickname from our college days), told me he was inspired by the photos from my trip and organized his own boys’ trip to Iceland last summer.  As much as I loved my Iceland trip, I was worried I had overhyped the country since V-Money was actually going to dump a small chunk of change to visit it – all on my recommendation!  Yikes!  What if he didn’t like it?  What if his friends didn’t like it?  What if he never trusts any of my recommendations again?!

When he got back from his trip, we caught up again and lo-and-behold… one of the first things he said to me was, “We had so much fun! Thank you a million times!”  Yay!   I breathed a small sigh of relief knowing that my travel reputation was still intact and let him recount all the cool things about his trip – volcanos and glaciers and waterfalls.  The most jaw-droppingly beautiful scenery ever.  And getting chased by high schoolers on a lonely Icelandic road (ok that last part was weird but it sounds like the boys managed to get out of it safely). It was like I was reliving my Icelandic adventure!

If you haven’t considered visiting Iceland before, consider it now.  Maybe these pictures (courtesy of V-Money) will inspire you to add Iceland to your bucket list:


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Lusine - October 11, 2013 - 6:57 pm

I had the pleasure of visiting Iceland last month and can’t stop recommending it to people! Such an unreal place! Stumbled upon your blog while researching a future trip across the Atlantic (Romantic Road in Germany, in hopefully Christmas ’14). Beautiful pictures and awesome advice..thank you 🙂

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