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Back In Buenos Aires: Working, Eating, & The One Photo I’m Dying To Get

I came back from my fakecation and I’m already full force in the throes of work! On Friday, I hopped on a red-eye and am back in Buenos Aires again.  I spent Saturday trying to recover from the grueling flight, Sunday on a day-trip to Tigre about an hour from the city, and today working until well after 9pm!

Since I already saw all the major attractions in Buenos Aires last time, I’m spending a significant portion of my after work hours feasting like a queen.  Already in the three days I’ve been here, I’ve had one 4 course meal at another puerta cerrada (I’m really loving these hidden restaurants), an 11 course molecular gastronomic dinner, and just got back from another 4 course tasting at a Peruvian/Japanese fusion restaurant.  I feel like a lil’ fat kid at this point.  I’m pretty sure Mr. T isn’t even going to recognize me when I’m home in a couple of weeks.  Don’t worry, Mr. T – there will be more of me to love! 🙂

Anyway, while I’m here, I do have one major goal which I haven’t been able to achieve in the two prior times I’ve been here.  My Argentinian colleagues laugh whenever I admit it to them. But, still… if I could just accomplish this one thing, it would make me so happy.  Ready to know what it is?   I want a picture with one of the professional dogwalkers here.  The city is full of professional dog walkers making a killing by walking anywhere from 6 to 10+ dogs at a time, and I get a kick out of seeing it.  How on earth are they even able to get control of those doggies?  I can barely keep a pup walking straight!

Here’s a pic that I snapped last time I was here:

I wasn’t satisfied with this pic because: 1) he doesn’t have enough dogs, 2) he’s not looking at the camera, and 3) I didn’t get one of me holding the leashes either.  I have to get a better photo op this time around!  As Barney Stinson (kudos you’re also a HIMYM fan!) would say, “Challenge accepted!”

Have a great week!

Have you ever had any have silly “must do” things when you’re traveling or photo ops you’ve been dying to get?

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Mark - October 17, 2012 - 6:50 pm

The food is insane in BA.. Molecular Gastronomy is all the craze.. loved that it’s so unique and yet somewhat affordable.

Peruvian food also amazing, although can be a bit heavy at times..

So your work takes you overseas too.. can’t complain! 🙂

Just Wanderlust - October 18, 2012 - 8:52 pm

Hi Mark – All the degustation menus are so much more affordable here than back at home – love it! Yep, I’m here for work, but working a ton of hours here; it’s exhausting! I can’t wait for the weekend when I finally get to detox and be a tourist again.

Antoinette | love.antoinette - October 24, 2012 - 11:31 pm

This is interesting to know! I didn’t know how much Porteños love their pups! I’m from NYC and I do see a lot of those dog walkers too, and yup, they sure make a killing from that job itself! I have two dogs and I can barely keep up with them! I’ll be heading out to Argentina next week and looking forward to a lot of sightseeing, people watching, trekking, eye candy, and so much more!

Just Wanderlust - October 25, 2012 - 4:51 am

Hi Antoinette – the dog walkers are everywhere on weekday mornings! You’ll enjoy Argentina when you’re here… plenty of sights and people watching. Don’t forget to eat at a closed door restaurant!

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