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Weekend Update & Kauai Pictures

Mr. T. was away this weekend slaving away for work so this past weekend was the first weekend I’ve had to myself in years!  Yes, years!  Usually, I’ll find some friends to hang out with, but given that I’ve also been quite the slave to my job lately, I’ve got to be honest, I was looking forward to having a nice, quiet, weekend to myself.

I did the laundry (even the stuff I had to hand wash!), got a two hour massage (I must have the worst posture in the world because my back is always killing me), cleaned out the closet (I donated 63 articles of clothing and somehow my closet still looks as cluttered as it was before), downloaded some new books on the Kindle, and even had time to watch a tear-jerker movie all by myself.  By the way, tear jerkers are a lot better to watch when I’m alone since I always feel silly crying a river when others are around me.  Is anyone else like that?

Anyway, with all the quiet time alone, my mind – of course – started wandering…. to a white sand beach…where I can lay around under an umbrella… with a mojito in my hand.  I need a vacation! Correction: We need a vacation!  Nothing like working long hours weeks on end to make someone yearn for a getaway.  And I think with all the stress we’ve been having, a vacay to an island would be peeeerfect.  Since I’m missing the island breeze, I dug up some of these pics from a trip we took to Kauai a while ago to share here:

In other news, we do have a trip coming up soon… and it’s to an island!  But not the kind conducive to sipping mai tais and piña coladas (which is why it’s a “trip” and not a “vacation” :P).  Had I known I’d be yearning for something relaxing, we might have picked a different spot when we were airfare shopping.  Anyway, more on that to come!  In the meantime, I hope everyone has a great week (one more week until a 3 day weekend)!

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