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Socotra: It’s Like Another World But Here On Earth

I never thought I’d say I want to go to Yemen, but I’m definitely reconsidering after seeing pictures of Socotra Island. Socotra is off the African horn and was separated from supercontinent, Gondwana, millions and millions of years ago.  As a result of its isolation and the desert heat there, the scenery here is unreal.  37% of the plants here and 90% of the reptiles are endemic to this island, which means this is going to be as far from a stroll through the park as you’re going to get.  Some say that this island’s origins are super ancient (think: back to pre-mammal days) so I imagine being here is like stepping back in time.  This is the kind of stuff I live for and what I meant when I said that the world is such a big, beautiful magical place.  Also, I think it’s cool that you can explore this place via 4×4 or on a camel’s back!  I’m leaning towards the camel trek option.

Check out these pictures:

(photos from here and here)

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