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Weekend Getaway Inspiration: 36 Hours In U.S. And Canadian Cities

Work hit me like a ton of bricks last week which is never fun when I’m already schlepping my luggage back and forth for work!  One of the nights when I got back to my hotel room, the hotel told me that I had a package waiting for me.  Of course, I had no idea what they was talking about (I hadn’t ordered anything) but I asked them to bring it to my room anyway.  It took about 2 hours for them to bring it to me. By the way, not only does the service at this place leave something to be desired, I’ve been convinced the hotel is haunted — but I digress.  Anyway, imagine my surprise when I opened the package to find this unexpected gift: a book entitled 36 Hours: 150 Weekends In The USA And Canada.

Hapa’s girlfriend, Arlene, said she thought of me when she saw this book and sent the surprise my way!  How ridiculously sweet is she, right?!

I love flipping through travel books and the premise for this one is particularly cool because it’s chock full of recommendations of things to do in a city if you only have 36 hours to spend there including places to eat, sites to check out, and neighborhoods worth frequenting.  It also suggests what to do at what hour of the day (ideal for anyone who doesn’t have the time to plan an itinerary!).  The best part is that 36 hours is perfect for those mid-Friday to Sunday weekend getaways!  I can’t wait dive into it and drag Mr. T with me to random U.S. cities now.

Thanks, Arlene!  You are awesome!

P.S. If you’re an animal lover, check out Arlene’s blog, In the Pursuit of Cuteyness, on all things cute (think: puppies and kittens that make you go “awww“).

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