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Monarch Butterfly Reserve: There’s More to Mexico Than Tequila and Tacos

If there’s one thing I’m not a fan of it’s insects.  There’s just something gross about these creepy crawlies especially if I find them around the house (thankfully, that rarely happens where I am).  Yuck.  That said, I will make a couple of exceptions for lady bugs and butterflies.  Lady bugs because they supposedly bring good luck and butterflies because they are so pretty!  How can you not like something that just aimlessly flutters from flower to flower?  This is why I want to go to the Monarch Butterfly Reserve in Mexico.

Apparently, between October and March each year, billions and billions of butterflies migrate to this area of Mexico (about 60 miles northwest of Mexico City), and they love to cluster like sardines on the trees.  If you want to visit this area, the two main sanctuaries are El Rosario and Sierra Chincua although with some research you can probably find the ones that are less known and therefore, less likely to be crowded (always a plus).

Take a look at these pictures and then tell me you wouldn’t feel lucky to bear witness to such a larger-than-life event (I’m betting it’s not possible).

(photos from herehere, and here)

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