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Fave Hotels Bringing Sexy Back: #3 The One Hotel Angkor

I have two things to say about Angkor, Cambodia:

1) If you’ve never been, GO! All the temple complexes are crazy beautiful, awe-inspiring, and yet, so, so humbling.  You may have seen ruins in Mexico, Greece, or Italy but nothing prepares you for the sheer majesty of Angkor Wat in person.

2) When you go, stay at The One Hotel Angkor (Siem Reap, Cambodia).

(hotel lobby)

This hotel has only one room, which means you get the entire hotel to yourself.  How cool is that?!  Imagine, every staff at the hotel catering to your each and every need.

The best part?  The price for the hotel is only around $250/night (what a bargain!).  Here’s what it gets you: R/T airport transfer services, complimentary breakfast on your own terrace, wifi, iPod, iPad, and a mobile phone during your stay so that if you get lost hunting down all the Tomb Raider filming locations in Angkor, you can call the hotel to come to your rescue (have I already mentioned that the the entire staff is catering to you?).

When T and I stayed here a couple of years ago, we thought the staff were one of the nicest people we’ve ever met at a hotel.  We took a taxi from Bangkok to Poipet, the border town between Thailand and Cambodia, and arriving to Poipet was a pretty frightening experience – there’s a reason Poipet rhymes with “toilet”.  We were so thankful that the guys from The One Hotel were waiting for us after customs since they helped us maneuver past all the touts and scammers vying for our attention.  Throughout our stay, they made us feel like friends just crashing at their house (“they” being the hotel staff – not the touts and scammers).

Once we arrived at the hotel, we got our welcome drinks, settled into our suite, and explored the area.  The hotel is located in quite possibly my favorite street in Siem Reap.  It’s not much bigger than an alley, but it’s colorful, artsy, brimming with bar/dining options, and bustling with people.  You can also walk to a nearby night market or a couple of streets down to where the food stalls are.  Seriously, the location is perfect.

Anyway, if for whatever reason you can’t see the bargain that is paying $250/night for this once in a lifetime novelty accommodation, they also have another hotel right next door called Hotel Be.  It has 3 rooms and starts as low as $115/night.

Here are some more pictures from The One Hotel:

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