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Beer Baths, Because Drinking It Isn’t Enough

(photo from the Zámek Zábřeh Hotel)

I’ve heard of vinotherapy and wine baths, but a beer bath?!

For all the beer lovers out there who’ve always yearned for a more intimate experience with their beers (you know who you are), the Zámek Zábřeh Hotel in Ostrava, Czech Republic, offers beer bath spa treatments.  Apparently, you get to soak in a tub that looks like an oversized wood barrel and I imagine undergo your own spa-like fermentation process with all the malt and yeast that’s added to your bath.  Of course, you also get to enjoy some freshly brewed beer while you’re at it (after all if you’re already naked and sitting in a bath of malt and yeast at a “medieval castle” hotel, it only seems like the appropriate thing to do).

Not sure about you, but if I had a choice, I’d rather sit in a bath of cabernet.

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