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Hot Deal Alert: Awesome Airfare Deal to Istanbul For February

Spotted in the LA Times today: $599 R/T airfare on Turkish Airlines to Istanbul for travel in February as long as you purchase before Jan. 23.  That is a sweet deal!  In case you’ve never searched for airfare to Turkey, it can cost anywhere from $800-$1500+ R/T from LAX.  Getting tickets for ~$700 is a good price so this $599 deal is awesome.

In case you’re wondering what’s there to do in Turkey, you could easily spend a few days to a week in Istanbul checking out the museums, mosques, and cruising the Bosphorus River.  If you’re into history, there are tons of ruins to check out if you venture to cities like Ephesus and Troy.  If you want to see some natural wonders, you can head to Cappadocia and Pammukule.  And that doesn’t even cover the Eastern side of the country.  You’ll need to purchase intra-country flights to get to these other places or sign up with a tour group, but the best part is that Turkey is a pretty economical place to visit.  I promise!  You can dine for less than $10 per person and tour the country for as little as $100/day (including meals, transportation, and lodging).  Additionally, its central location has made it the melting pot of Greek, Roman, and Asian influences (so there’s plenty to observe culturally)… AND if you’re worried about safety, it’s one of the safest European countries.  Who knew, right?

I will post about my favorite places in Turkey eventually, but until then, if you need recommendations, let me know.

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